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Mr. Cat

Mr. Cat

Название: Fancy Product Designer - Opencart Extension
Автор: Opencart

  • Fully integrated into Opencart – no coding knowledge required
  • Helpful Product Builder to create Fancy Products and Design Ideas easily
  • Add multiple views to a product, e.g. a front and back of a T-Shirt
  • Add images and texts to a view and set parameters like x, y, price, color…
  • Manage the designs for the sidebar and their categories
  • Custom Settings with options in admin
  • Change product designer’s dimensions, styling and other options in the settings
  • Handle the default parameters for design and text elements in the settings
  • Use System Fonts, Google Webfonts (320+) & Custom Fonts for the fonts dropdown
  • Edit link for each oder item in the cart
  • Customers can retrieve their customized products from the “View Order” page
  • Customers can share their customized products with others by using unique URL’s
  • Open the customized product in the “Edit Order” page & view the element parameters
  • Save each element of the order as an image on your web server
  • Multi Language and Multi Store Ready Support

Username: demo
Password: demo



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