Opencart [engvit] MegaReviewsv.104+OC2

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Название: MegaReviewsv.104+OC2
Автор: engvit

This is version of the module for OPENCART 2.X only.

- - demo/demo

- VqMod is needed to be installed, cause it's the only way to disable the default opencart reviews and use mega reviews instead.

- Absolutely responsive. Module will adjust to any screen size and look gorgeous.
- Review form is highly customizable. You can show or hide particularly any field and you can decide which fields are required.
- 100% AJAX requests (without reloading the page)
- High browser compatibility. Android, IOS, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, IE 8+ and others.
- You can allow users to attach pictures, images and videos to their reviews.
- You can set limits as to file resolution and size.
- You can prevent reviews to be posted, until they are reviewed by admin,
- Advanced "about me" section. You can let user give some info about himself. This was proved to be a very effective feature and is used in many high-end online stores.
- 5 star rating with ability to give each rating a title (1 star - bad, 4 stars - good etc)
- Customizable options, to give user ability to rate some features of the product separately.
- You can add text values to options.
- Advanced pagination and sorting system.
- All uploaded images and videos are displayed in nice lightbox like gallery, which is also fully responsive.
- You can change almost EVERYTHING through admin panel.
- Check out the demo to see everything this module can do!


Скрытое содержимое, доступно для группы: Премиум - Купить группу

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