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Mr. Cat

Mr. Cat

Название: BIWS Курсы
Автор: Breaking Into Wall Street


Курсы для тех кто хочет изучить финансовое моделирование и хочет работать в инвест банках и фондах (IB & PE).

Очень ценный материал.

About Breaking Into Wall Street
Want to Land Lucrative Positions at Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, and Hedge Funds?
Then you need to know financial modeling like the back of your hand. Just one problem: other training companies might teach you the formulas, but they don't teach you how to use the financial models in real life.

Breaking Into Wall Street offers a completely different approach to financial modeling by teaching you how to use it to make investment recommendations and advise clients - in other words, you learn how to put all those Excel files to use in real life, the same way you do when working in the finance industry.

Our courses are based on case studies where you have to advise a client, make an investment recommendation, or decide whether or not a deal makes sense - and the coverage is global, including companies and assets across five continents (Africa is still missing - one day, one day...).

PowerPoint Pro
Advanced Financial Modeling
Excellence with Excel
Financial Modeling Fundamentals


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